Carter Russell Music

Chicago has been the breeding ground of generations worth of comediens from stand-up to actors, writers to improv. With the help of Carter Russell Music you have a representative in the industry helping showcase your funny to the largest audience possible.


Your material needs to be heard first, right? Send in your material and Carter Russell Music will provide an indepth report on your demo. learn more


Whether you need coaching on how to make your routine as perfectly timed as possible, or you need someone to tell Lorne Michaels what brand of bottled water needs to be in your green room, Carter Russell Music is there.


Carter Russell Music works with Chicago(land)’s venues, agents, scouts and programs to offer you the most professional of career development.

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Serving Our Clients
From our headquarters in Chicago, Illinois we work with clients throughout the Midwest and in Los Angeles, California. The music business is tough but we can help; from engaging your fans to getting on the radio.